Welcome and I hope you are enjoying your time playing Tank Trouble 2. Game is really outstanding and it reminds me of my childhood when I was playing Tanks on my Dendi console all day long, it was one of the sweetest memories from my childhood and I really miss those day, me and my cousin used to play it all day long against AI.

map where fight takes placeSorry for little bit of sad nostalgia, but if you were born in 90s you will understand it as well. So what I like in Tank Trouble is that it took old traditions of the game and added something new and unique to make game even more entertaining. Battle takes part in the maze again, but walls of maze cannot be destroyed with your weapons anymore, walls also serve as opportunity to ricochet your bullets, imagine following situation: enemy tank hides behind the wall in corner, how can you destroy it without exposing yourself? Answer is simple, you shoot your bullets on the wall under specific angle, your bullets ricochet from wall and hit your opponent, sounds fun right?

Also I really enjoy weapon upgrade system in the game; it is really not exactly like upgrade, but more like power-up. You find on the map different icons (they appear automatically once in a while in random locations) and when you pick them up you gain special fire power, it can be mini-gun, it can be guided missile, it can be laser and things like that. Compared to your ordinary weapons these power-ups are real monsters, make sure that you take it first.

I’m not going to list controls here, you can check them yourself in game menu, but what I’m going to talk about it, is that in this game you can play in two player mode and three player mode. These two modes allow you to play with your friends, but keep in mind that in case of switching between different modes your control buttons are also going to change, so before starting the game check buttons and remember them carefully. In case of three player mode you will have to use mouse in order to control your tank and I must say it is kind of uncomfortable, but you can get used to it.

Tank Trouble 2
So with that being said, Tank Trouble 2 is pretty interesting flash game, it involves different modes, different weapon upgrades/power-ups, it involves interesting strategies and different maps, enjoy it with your friends and double your entertainment.